František Provazník

Food, portrait & still life photography

Food, portrait and still life photography

František Provazník (*1948) is a Czech origin with British citizenship since 1991. He has been producing professional & art photography for over 25 years, working and exhibiting in the United Kingdom, Europe, as well as in Czech Republic.

As a portrait photographer he worked among the others with John le Carré, R. Branson, Benazir Bhutto, Muhamad Ali, Iris Murdoch, sir John Rothenstein and the others, while living in U.K.

He has been producing food photography with Jana Vaněčková since 1996.

Our fully equipped studio for food, still life and portrait photograhy is located some 45 minutes drive from Prague, set in rustic countryside.

Our client base has included nearly every major food comp and leading publishing houses, which are specializing in food industry, and are listed in the Czech Republic.

We pride ourselves on a professional, creative, problem solving approach to photography to get the very best out of your ideas and products.

Can't find the food photos are you looking for? Why not commission us or email a request. We are only an email away and we look forward to working with you in the future.

fotografie: František Provazník

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Photographer František Provazník

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