František Provazník

Food, portrait & still life photography

Photography Services

  • Portraits, Advertising, Food and Drink Photography, Still Life
  • With over 25 years' experience and fully equipped studio, we can produce commercial and creative photography of the highest quality for our clients
  • Commission work for book publishers, magazines and other clients in advertising industry
  • High end digital photography with post production and image manipulation facilities for editorial and advertising clients

Food, Drink and Meal Photography with recipies

In house stylist, food stylist and editor. Studio facilities include extensive range of photographic props and on-site kitchen to create high quality digital photographs of all meals and food types. Studio has a kitchen with storage, fridges, freezers and cooking facilities. Also avaiable is a large selection of backgrounds.

fotografie: František Provazník

František Provazník Phone: +420 604 940 620 E-mail:

Photographer František Provazník

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