František Provazník

Food, portrait & still life photography

Studio Facilities & Equipment


  • Bowens lighting system. Cameras from large format Sinar F1 (4x5 inch) to medium roll film (monorail Arca Swiss 6x9 cm, Bronica 6x4,5). We use Leicas and Olympus for 35mm
  • For digital photography Canon 5D (13 mpx – RAW, TIF, JPG)
  • The backround of various colours is in stock
  • For food photography we have specially built kitchen and large stock of props (plates, caps, glass etc...)

Lunch with grill in the garden is avaiable.

fotografie: František Provazník

František Provazník Phone: +420 604 940 620 E-mail:

Photographer František Provazník

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